STRATEG. Defensive strategies and cross border policies. Integration of the Lower Danube area in the Roman civilization

Pr. 4 Partnerships, CNMP 91-010 Contract, 2007-2010

The project aims at developing an integrated IT system for the collection, analysis, valorization and elevation of the results of archeological research in the Roman provinces covered by the Romanian territory.

The project we submit has three constitutive elements: the research proper on the Roman frontiers (the limes of the Roman Empire), the research integration in an efficient inter-institutional framework and the presentation of the results to both the specialist and general public, that will be attracted through a series of popularizing activities.

    The research supposes:
  • a) the field research phase - obtaining modern measurements (topographic, radar and GPS) of the objectives targeted by the project, as well as their photographs.
  • b) data processing, that means: 1) assembling a maps, epigraphic, photographic, bibliographic and topographic archive; 2) recording this archive on a digital format, accessible on line
  • c) the analysis of the data obtained and the presentation of the results in specialized works on a classic format and on line, in seminaries or optional courses at the Faculty of History (Bucharest). Obtaining a series of ample analyses that will be published in the Centre'smonographical series
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